Whats Included ?

OpenATV 5.3 with recent online updates applied


OSCam-EMU 11273 - Web Info Port: 8888 - Config directory: /etc/tuxbox/config
Ncam 1.1 - Web Info Port: 8181 - Config directory: /etc/tuxbox/config
CCcam 2.3.0 - Web Info Port: 16001 - Config directory: /usr/keys
MGCamd 1.38 - Config directory: /usr/keys

All Plugins Updated To Latest Versions
2boom`s m3u/xml bouquet converter (ftp m3u list to /tmp folder)
fReE iPtV PAnDaSaT
IPTV Player
Linuxsat Panel
PowerVU Key Updater
TSMedia Multimedia Center

Bootlogo & Radio logo by oktus
Blue XPicons Astra 28.2E by oktus
Catseye All Sats Motorised Channel list
A/V settings mode set to 720p
Tuner A 28.2 east
MyMetrix skin
SkyQ skin by chababbu
Slyk 1 HD skin by kiddac
Hundreds of 720p movies added to bouquets
Serjoga SoftCam.Key with updated PowerVU keys
EPG mapped to Info button

FTP Login Details
user: root
password: linuxsat