Black Hole Vu+Zero by Robijay[FLASH]
Backup date 02/06/2015

Kernel 3.13.5 Last Update 20/05/2015 Driver Update 11/05/2015 Splash Screen Black Hole by robijay Bootlogo by robijay New Spinner added Setting Whannibal Dual Feed 13+19,2+Dtt Italy(configure your tuner default is 13+19,2) Language: English (system setup and select your language) Password FTP and Telnet: robijay Cams configuration, Ports & Passwords CCcam Web Info port: 16004 Username: root Password: robijay Oscam Web Info Port: 16001 Username: admin Password: robijay Doscam Web Info Port: 16003 Username: admin Password: robijay Oscam Ymod Web Info Port: 16002 Username: admin Password: robijay File directory: Doscam config : /var/tuxbox/config/doscam OscamYmod config directory: /var/tuxbox/config/ymod Oscam config directory: /var/tuxbox/config/ CCcam config directory: /var/etc Panels LINUXSAT SUPPORT PANEL 1.2 FULL HD SATVENUS PANEL 7.0 VU+ IMAGE ADDONS PANEL DEVIL 2.0 VERSION 4 Plugin SDG VU+ IMAGE DOWNLOADER TSMEDIA 9.7 MEDIAPORTAL 7.1 LIVE FOOTBALL 5.8 PICON MANAGER 2.1 DREAMPLEX 2.13 WHANNIBAL AUTOSETTING 1.2 AND MORE.......... Emu CCCAM 2.30 OSCAM YMOD T-56 DOSCAM 0.25 OSCAM 10669 OSCAM STATUS VIEW CCCAM INFO Skin ORIGINAL MX GRAPHITE (DEFAULT)